About Chris Lily James



Chris Lily James is an artist from Amsterdam with a background in Advertising and Fashion. 


Due to Corona she lost her job. She started painting during the first lockdown, not knowing she could paint. She started the Instagram account The Art of Gifting and from that moment followers kept growing and assignments kept coming in. This is now her full time job and she loves every minute of it!

On one side she loves to paint as realistic as possible and bring people, animals, houses, and other objects to life on a blank canvas. On the other side she loves to combine bright colors and words that form a more funky something to look at.


Chris Lily James came across the ‘Art of Giving’ at the festival Burning Man in 2013. ‘Burners' give strangers gifts and don’t expect anything in return. She loved the idea that giving something to someone is an actual art as it is not easy to find something the other one loves, but when you do, the act of giving gives joy to bóth parties. 

Personal gifts are more meaningful than a pair of socks or soap. That is how she came to the idea to create art for gifting. 

Chris Lily James: ‘Giving custom made art is thoughtful, it shows that you care. On top of that, it is fun to give art as you will make the receiver smile. Last but not least, art is sustainable and it turns an empty wall into a daily good vibe’.

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