Chris Lily James, an artist from Amsterdam with a background in Art, Advertising and Fashion. 

I love to bring a blank canvas to life. I draw with my favorite fountain pen and Indian Ink places people love and where memories are made. Or I go wild with colorful watercolor and acryl, my beloved graphite pencils or in Procreate where I create colorful digital art on a daily basis.

I came across the ‘Art of Giving’ at the festival Burning Man in 2013. ‘Burners' give strangers gifts and don’t expect anything in return. I loved the idea that gifting is an actual art as it is not easy to give something the other one loves.

That is how I came to the idea to create art for gifting. Art is personal, custom art even more. So no more socks or soap, give art. It shows that you care, art is sustainable and turns an empty wall into a daily good vibe.

Chris Lily James at Work

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