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By Chris Lily James

The Big Leap
Looking for Magic

When taking a big leap, life gets turned upside down.
We go through different emotions, literally, up and down.
We feel pumped. 

We can feel out of place. 
We look for connection and want to be cherished. 
When found we feel empowered again. 
Whereafter we go back to our comfort zone, just like before the big leap, that mental state that pushed you out of your comfort zone to look for magic.

The paintings, 100x160cm, are created with mixed media, ink and acryl on linnen. 

Customers of mine previously framed the canvas in a wooden frame with museum glass, which I can recommend. 

Please contact me when you have questions. 

Delivery will be around 4 weeks / Price is exclusive shipping, but pickup is also available in Amsterdam

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